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Hi! I'm Etida isufi

Turkey offers one of the best "citizenship by investment" programs to provide a safe haven for your family. No matter what your current nationality is, you can become Turkish and enjoy the ability to live, work, and go to school in Turkey. Through this government-approved program, you'll also receive a Turkish passport to travel the world freely. 


The world has changed; today, it’s possible to live and work from anywhere in the world, from Bali to Budapest to Bucaramanga. Your business should be no different. It’s possible to open offshore bank accounts and offshore companies to reduce your tax rate to as low as zero. Join the movement and keep more of your money.

What Offshore Nomads is About

Tax Savings

Save millions of dollars in personal and corporate income taxes.


Use offshore companies and bank accounts to protect what you earn.

Personal Freedom

Become a dual citizen of a tax-free or low-tax country as a Plan B.

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

No Tax Bank Accounts

No Tax Bank Accounts

Different banks throughout the world have different policies and fees. While some banks will allow you to hold an account with little or no fees, others will charge you a fee every time you transfer or wire money.  It’s important to do your research so you find banks...

UK Taxes for US Expats

UK Taxes for US Expats

Are you looking forward to London life but not the London income tax?  While Tax-Free Citizen has no control over the tax laws in London or the rest of the United Kingdom, we can help you to understand what taxes you have to file and pay as a US citizen living abroad...

A Basic Guide to Taxes for Expats

A Basic Guide to Taxes for Expats

If you are a US person working and living overseas, you may have some questions about your tax situation. Do expats have to pay US expat taxes? What tax exemptions can you qualify for by living overseas?  Living an expat or nomad lifestyle overseas is completely...

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