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Turkey offers one of the best “citizenship by investment” programs to provide a safe haven for your family. No matter what your current nationality is, you can become Turkish and enjoy the ability to live, work, and go to school in Turkey. Through this government-approved program, you’ll also receive a Turkish passport to travel the world freely. 

Three Ways to Get Turkish Citizenship

Real Estate Investment

Purchase US$250,000 in real estate in Turkey and hold it for three years

Bank Deposit

Deposit US$500,000 in a time deposit with a Turkish bank for three years

Business Employment

Employ 50 workers in a new business established in Turkey

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

Live in Turkey

Citizenship for life in Turkey for you and your entire family to live, work and study.

Immigration Privilegs

Become resident in the United Kingdom via the Turkish Business Investor program.

Freedom to Travel

Visa-free travel to 110 countries, including Japan, Thailand, and all of Central and South America.

Leave a Legacy

Turkish citizenship can be passed down to future generations, leaving a lasting legacy.

Join these Dual Citizens Enjoying a New Life

“Being a dual citizen means my family and I will always be safe no matter what happens at home.”

Ahamed Ali

“Another citizenship means I can travel for my business without always needing to get a visa.”

Anowar Hossain

“I feel safe knowing that I have a second home waiting for me any time I need it.”

Afrodita Bajrami

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